Piazza Luigi Dallapiccola 6 - Firenze


Can I visit the residence before choosing it?

Yes, of course. Send an email to info@evergreenimmobiliare.it to arrange a meeting.

Is filling in the form enough to confirm the reservation?

No, filling in the form is necessary to formalize your interest and for us to know what type of apartment you would prefer. If the requested apartment is available, we will send you the contract and the instructions to confirm your reservation. After having signed the contract and paid the deposit, the reservation is confirmed.

Types of contracts

Standard contracts last for 11 months (September – July). It is possible to arrange shorter contracts (the minimum duration is one month) for reasons of international mobility, stage, PhDs and other reasons related to the academic and research world.

Can I choose my roommates and flatmates?

You can tell us your preferences and we will consider them according to the availability. We will do our best to meet your requests.

At what time and on what days can I check-in?

There are no time limitations. Anyway, please inform us about the day and the hour of your arrival so that we will be ready to welcome you. Bring a valid ID or passport to be registered at the reception.

Can I personalize my apartment and my bedroom?

Yes, but be careful not to damage the walls and the furnishing. Once you leave, everything will have to be as when you checked-in.

What should I do if something does not work in my apartment?

Send us an email to support@evergreenimmobiliare.it indicating your name, the number of the apartment and the problem to solve.

Am I allowed to smoke in the apartment?

No, smoking is strictly forbidden in the all the areas of the residence and especially in the apartments and the shared areas. The apartments are equipped with a smoke detection system linked to the central fire alarm. The violation of this rule may result in serious penalties.

Can I bring animals?

No, you are not allowed to bring animals inside the residence

Can I stay in my room during holidays (Christmas, Easter)?

Yes, you can stay in your room for the whole duration of your contract.

Is there a laundry in the residence?

Yes, on the ground floor beside the reception there is a self- service laundry open from 8 am to 12 am (midnight), with four washing machines, two drying machines and an automatic cash.

When should I check-out?

Before 12 p.m. (noon) of the last day of contract. You can always arrange a different time slot.

When can I have my deposit back?

You will be given back your deposit within 30 days from your checkout with a bank transfer.

Can I terminate the contract early?

In case you want to request an early termination of the contract you will have to send a written request to this email address info@evergreenimmobiliare.it at least 60 days in advance (in order to guarantee two months of payment). In the email, you will have to indicate the expected check-out date.